10 Year Gold Price Chart

The price gold continues to climb as many people in the U.S, and around the world are buying gold as a safe place to put their money. As the world economies battle problems, the money they print has less and less value. Gold has always been and will always be, safest investment in times of economic turmoil. The price of gold has tripled in the last 10 years and the long-term price trend is still going up. One once of gold at today's price will more than pay for a very good gold metal detector.

If you're just getting started gold hunting with metal detectors, you'll soon come to realize that although all-purpose metal detectors do work well searching for larger gold nuggets, if you do not have a metal detector specifically designed for hunting gold, your results may be disappointing. To really be successful at gold prospecting with a metal detector, you need a metal detector that can find very small nuggets as well as slightly larger nuggets at greater depths.

Most metal detector manufacturers build certain models in there line specifically designed for gold prospecting. These detectors normally operate at a higher frequency than your regular coin and relic machines. The higher frequency of these machines make them most sensitive to smaller nuggets and even flake gold to some extent. This web site is for the metal detecting enthusiast that is serious about hunting for gold using a metal detector. All detector models shown are specifically designed to detect gold. If you desire a multi-purpose metal detector, I recommend you visit my web store at: www.GoldenRoadDetectors.com

Federal, state or local guidelines and regulations do differ from location to location. Be aware of the rules before you prospect anywhere and be sure to get permission when detecting private land. The U.S. Geological Surveys estimate that 33,000 metric tons-- nearly 1.2 billion ounces-- of gold await discovery, mostly in the western states. This is the modern equivalent the 1849 gold rush.

GoldenRoadDetectors.Com is a company providing services from the heartland of America, Warrensburg, Missouri. My name is Jim Crain and I have 30 years of involvement with all aspects of metal detecting and treasure hunting. I retired from United States Marine Corp, and started Golden Road to turn my passion for treasure hunting into my profession. There are many places to choose from when buying a new detector. Your decision is complicated by the vast number of web based "companies" that proliferate in internet. Many of these internet sellers know little to nothing about metal detecting and could care less. They just want to make a sale and don't care if they sell you a metal detector or a toaster.

Golden Road Metal Detectors is a family owned business and we know metal detectors because "we use" metal detectors. Golden Road Metal Detectors promises to answer your questions, provide quality products, superior service and treat you as you should be treated because, We value your business.

Gold Prospecting With A Metal Detector

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